NELAC is endeavored to prepare for the Face-to-Face classes this school year 2022-2023 and fulfill the requirements which includes the Return to Campus Plan, directions for each department, wash area, medical kits, registration area, triage, and schedule of classes as well as the schedule of entrance and exits of the campus set by the Department of Education (DepEd) and Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Faculty and staff especially classroom advisers formed the different committees in the conduct of the said endeavor. Engr. Alexander I. Mateo, Dean for Academics, and Mr. Leomer B. Bancud, College Treasurer granted the requests from each department and purchased the needed materials for compliance with the DepEd and CHED’s prescribed classroom setup. Moreover, Mr. Ric O’ Bryant D. Zarate headed the completion of the health and COVID-19 related documents. “Facilities in the classrooms are improving, direction markings are painted on pathways, and class schedules are fixed which gives us a good start in the preparation of the limited face-to-face classes,” Mr. William A. Data, Senior High School OIC Principal, remarked.